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There are so many products on the modern beauty market, yet one can hardly afford having everything in the beauty bag. Yet, you definitely do not need every single product, and GlamLipstick is here to help you pick things that you essentially need to create that professional makeup. The first thing you must have is tools. The must-have tools for professional DIY makeup are:
  • Eyebrow brush;
  • Eyeshadow brush;
  • Kabuki brush for loose powder;
  • Foundation brush or sponge.
brushes for makeup Now, let us consider the ultimate products that you have to grab to create a lasting makeup. First thing you need is face primer, as foundation will not look that even and stay long without it. Also, if you plan using eyeshadows, you must get an eye shadow primer. Eye shadows may fade out or crease without proper priming. Now, let’s talk about foundation. You definitely need quality foundation that will perfectly match your skin color. But, if you do not want to look flat, you will need a lighter tone to apply under eyes and in the middle of the forehead. A lighter concealer will also do that. By the way, if you need to mask redness or other skin imperfections, a concealer is a must-have for perfect skin. Here is the list:
  • Face primer;
  • Eye shadow primer;
  • Foundation;
  • Concealer.
makeup must haves Now, what are must-haves for eye makeup? Things you cannot miss having are quality mascara, good eye liner and a brow product. By brow product we mean a pencil, brow shadows or dipbrow pomade. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a pencil, as it is easier to work with. Further on, you can pick pomade, yet you will need to put some effort to get used to it. As for eye shadows, we start beginning with a basic palette with natural beige, light and brown shadows in it. Later on you will realize, what technique you want to use and will add more shadows to your collection. So, here is the list of must-have products for eye makeup:
  • Mascara;
  • Eye liner;
  • Brow pencil/brow shadows/dipbrow pomade;
  • Natural eyeshadow palette.
must-have products for eye makeup So, it’s time to do lips. And a must-have for your lip makeup is nourishing lip balm that you want to apply 5-10 minutes before applying decorative lip products. You will need at least 2 colors of lipstick. One you need is nude or moderately pinky, and the second one should be brighter (you can pick red, pink or brownish).  Besides, you need to get at least two lip pencils, each of them should match a certain lipstick color. You will need them to contour your lips prior to lipstick application. Another must-have is a natural pink or transparent lip gloss that you can use on top of lipstick or as a stand-alone product for pout lip look. So, here’s the lips of makeup must-have products to do your lips in a professional way:
  • 2 lipsticks;
  • 2 lip pencils;
  • Lip balm;
  • Lip gloss.
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