Best Black Lipstick: Products, How to Wear & More

Best Black Lipstick: Products, How to Wear & More

Sure thing, black lipstick is not something you will be wearing every day, when you go to work or meet your friends. However, there are cases when black lipstick is the only thing you need to create that stunning makeup you’ve got on your mind. You may be looking for glossy, sparkling or matte black lipstick. Though, in any case, you need the product that will look and perform right. Black lipstick is also a good thing you may need if you wish to create that dramatic ombre lip makeup. We have tried over a dozen black lipsticks available at Sephora, on Amazon and in our local drugstores, and we have picked the Top-5 that perform the best. Also, we have created a quick tutorial for those, who want to apply black liquid as sleek and even as possible, ensure lasting coverage and make sure the lips are perfectly outlined.

The Best Black Lipstick: Top-5

1. Lime Crime Velvetines in Black Velvet. This lipstick is an absolute leader in our top-5 list. The color applies easily and provides fine coverage even when applied in one single layer. The lipstick looks semi-matte on lips and provides opaque finish even when it is applied in one single layer. This lipstick provides lasting coverage (5-7 hours).

2. NYX Liquid Suede in Alien. This black liquid lipstick tends to look black, but if you look closer, you will realize, that it is actually a very dark gray color. Many beauty bloggers tend to say, that this is the best budget-friendly lipstick available both in drugstores and online. Its formula is thick yet consistent, and lipstick features that creamy formula. Even though the lipstick transfers quite a bit, it stays well on lips within 4-5 hours.

3. Fenty Beauty in Stunna Lip Paint. This is the newest lipstick in our list, as it was launched by the brand in 2018. This lipstick features creamy formula when applied, and provides that non-patchy coverage with just one stroke. This lipstick wears well; though watch your teeth, as it tends to transfer. Even though the brand advertises it as a lasting lipstick, in reality, it wears not more than 2 hours. Next, it shows signs of wear.

4. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in Witches. This liquid lipstick provides lasting and even matte black coverage. We would have selected it the #1 in our Top-5 list if we selected the black lipsticks based on the quality and time they last. However, this lipstick by Kat von D is somewhat more expensive, than the other lipsticks in the list. It provides matte coverage, does not feel too dry on lips and is easy to apply because of small doe foot applicator.

5. Moisturizing Lipstick by ELF in Blacked Out. This lipstick is an ultimate combination of bold color and gloss. This is a rich black lipstick that applies well due to the creamy texture. To gain full opacity, we recommend applying the lipstick in 2 layers. This is the least expensive lipstick from our list, but it impressed us with that bold color. This lipstick does not last long, yet the coverage may be easily restored by applying the new layer of this black lipstick.

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The Best Black Lipstick: Comparison

We have written a couple of words on each of the black lipsticks we tried and liked, but if you are not sure about the one you wish to pick, you may be interested in checking out the comparison chart we made. We have ranked the products based on certain criteria, so feel free to refer to them when selecting the black lipstick for Halloween, your beauty bag or another stunning makeup!

ProductFinishTime of wearPrice
Lime Crime Velvetines in Black VelvetMatte velvet5-7 hoursCHECK PRICE
NYX Liquid Suede in AlienCreamy4-5 hoursCHECK PRICE
Fenty Beauty in Stunna Lip PaintMedium glossy2-4 hoursCHECK PRICE
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in WitchesMatte6-8 hoursCHECK PRICE
Moisturizing Lipstick by ELF in Blacked OutCreamy0.5-2 hoursCHECK PRICE

How to Apply Black Lipstick for Lasting Wear

Once applied, black lipstick looks bold, especially if you plan on using it not just as a stand-alone product, but if you want to highlight the overall style you’ve created. The thing you certainly want to avoid when wearing dark or too bright lipstick is that patchy uneven coverage, as it is especially visible when the lip color is bold and differs from the natural lip cover. Our experts have created that easy-to-follow guide that will explain pro tips and tricks that will help you apply black lipstick in a professional way.

  1. Prepare the lip skin. It’s better to prepare the lip skin prior to starting your makeup routine. If the skin is too dry, it is a good idea to start with applying moderate scrub on the skin. Next, use Carmex or another natural lip balm to nourish lip skin. Leave the balm for 15 minutes or more, but do not forget to remove it before you start applying any other products on your lips.
  2. Using Lip Primer. Once the skin is ready, use lip prep or prime solution. It will ensure lasting wear of black lipstick.
  3. Outline your lips. Use a black lip pencil to outline your lips. It is a good idea to apply pencil on the lips as well by blending the line inside the lips.
  4. Lipstick application. Apply the lipstick in one thin layer. Depending on the lipstick you use, you may use the applicator (for the liquid lipsticks), or a synthetic lip brush (for regular lipsticks). Once the first layer is ready, let it stay for a couple of minutes and do the second layer.
  5. A PRO tip: if you wear one of those lasting black lipsticks like Lime Crime or Kat Von D carries, avoid eating something that contains fat, as the formula of these lipsticks is removed with fat. If you have to, though, you will need to have the lipstick handy to refresh the color.
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