How to Create the Most Stunning Holiday Makeup for the New Year Party?

new year holiday makeup beautiful girl with red lip stick and christmas tree

As long as winter holidays come closer and you start feeling the winter magic in the air, every lady starts thinking of the right way to look stunning on a New Year party. Now we will not be talking about dresses or hairdo. We’ll focus on the right makeup!

Gifts and Christmas Tree, but lipstick first

We know, that the lipstick is the very last thing you want to apply on your face, but when you think about it, the whole makeup and look highly depends on the lipstick you choose. There is a golden rule of makeup: you have to highlight either your eyes, or your lips. But never do both. So, if you want to wear red or wine-red lipstick, we would recommend selecting something velvet or matte, but it’s better to pick something long-wearing. A good choice will be one of those extra lasting matte liquid lipsticks Velvetines by Lime Crime. You can eat, drink, kiss and you will still have excellent matte coating on your lips. If you prefer nudes, it’s better to pick something light and glossy. You may consider one of those Melted liquid lipsticks by Tarte.

Primer: Make Your Skin Perfect.

For flawless looks it is not enough to apply your makeup foundation. It’s important to prepare your face properly. One of good ways to hide pores and make skin smooth is face primer. We recommend considering PoreFessional by Benefit. It may seem overpriced when you just look it up. Yet when you start using it, you will notice, that you will need only one peanut-size doze of it to prepare the whole face for excellent makeup.


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Choose the Right Foundation!

To let your skin look excellent on every selfie, you need to pick reliable foundation that will last. Depending on the skin type, you may pick the proper coverage level. For holiday make up and healthy look, we recommend considering a CC cream instead of foundation. As a good example, you may check out the CC+ Cream by IT Cosmetics, Your Skin But Better. It not only features excellent coverage, but also allows your skin to breathe and ensures healthy look.

Highlighter for Glowing Look

For that extra healthy and glowing skin look, do not forget about your highlighter. There are many cool highlighters available on the market, so you can pick loose, compact or liquid. Our choice for the holiday makeup would be highlighting powder MegaGlo by Wet n Wild. Apply it above your lip, above cheeks and put a tiny strobe on your nose. This way your face will look sculptured and healthy.

Add that blush!

To look healthy and attractive, it is a good idea to apply modest pink or peachy blush to the cheeks. Our choice of blush is Amazonian Clay by Tarte, which not only lasts, but also features a rich palette of natural colors. To make your look natural, apply blush with the angled brush Luxe Sheer Cheek (127) by Zoeva.

We hope these tips helped you create the most stunning makeup for the party. Spice it up with happy smile and enjoy your holidays!

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