Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette: Review & Swatches

natural eyes palette

Too Faced has recently released a limited-edition eye shadow palette, Natural Eyes. It is a part of their Natural Series collection. The majority of colors retail permanently and are available in the other palettes. The Natural Eyes consists of 9 eye shadows, almost all feature warm undertone and satin finish, yet there are 3 mattes. 3 of the 9 eye shadows, Heaven, Silk Teddy and Strip Poker, are bigger, than the other 6. They can be used both as eye shadows, and as a highlighter. Let us look closer into each eye shadow to see, how they perform on skin.

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Too Faced Natural Eyes Eye Shadows: Swatches

Heaven: Natural Eyes (Too Faced)

This is a warm very light beige with matte finish and warm undertone. It appeared to be somewhat dusty in the pan, yet it applied on the eye lid without noticeable fallout. We liked how this shadow works on the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye. It works well both on bare skin and over the primer and lasts for 8 hours without noticeable signs of fading.

Silk Teddy

The Silk Teddy eye shadow is a mild pinky peach shadow with metallic finish and warm undertone. It features that traditional Too Faced softness, like we saw in their Peach palette. It applies well both over the primer and on bare skin and blends easy without extra effort. It stays well for 7.5 hours without creasing. With time, it becomes less shiny, than right after the application.

Strip Poker

The Strip Poker is a warm light brown eye shadow with matte finish and warm undertone. If you look closer, you will notice some minor satin sheen, yet it appears only when the product is applied on skin. In the pan we noticed certain dustiness, yet the formula is sleek and easy to work with. It can be used as a basic color of nude-looking eye makeup. It performs well both over the primer and on bare skin and lasts for 8 hours before it starts to fade.

Cashmere Bunny

The Cashmere brown is a soft medium brown eye shadow with essentially warm undertone and matte finish. The formula is smooth and applies well on skin, yet we’ve noticed some minor fallout during the application. This is one of basic colors you can use in your everyday makeup, or if you want to create that nude eye makeup. The Cashmere bunny is extremely pigmented and wears for 8 hours before it starts to fade out.


The Push Up eye shadow was released in 2018 and is available for now only in the Natural Eyes eye shadow palette by Too Faced at the moment. This is a medium copper eye shadow with warm undertones and metallic finish. The formula is extremely smooth, which makes it easy to blend. It performs well both over the eye shadow primer and on bare skin. The coverage lasts for 7.5 hours without creasing.

Honey Pot

If we had to pick only one eye shadow color out of this palette, the Honey Pot would be the editor’s choice. This is a gold eye shadow with frost finish and warm undertone. Its formula is so smooth and soft, that it’s a real pleasure to work with it. It blends out well alone and with the other matte and satin shadows from this palette. It is extremely pigmented and does not give fallout. The shadow performs well over the primer and does not crease, when applied on bare eye lid skin. The shadow wears for 8+ hours.


This is a deep taupe eye shadow with warm undertone and matte finish. This is an essential color if you want to create that deep eye makeup. The formula did not feel chalky in the pan, as it is well-pressed. Also, we liked the way it blends with the other shadows from the palette. The color features rich pigmentation and applies easy both over the eye shadow primer and on bare skin. It lasts for 7.5 hours before you will notice signs of wear.


This is a cool taupe eye shadow with cool undertone and sparkling finish. The eye shadow features that traditional for the Too Faced palettes and applies smooth and sleek. During the application, the shadow features minor fallout, yet the texture is not dry. The color performs well over the primer and on bare skin. It wears well for 7.5 hours without fading. During the wear, it does not fall out and won’t crease.

Chocolate Martini

The Chocolate Martini is a warmer alternative to the Erotica eye shadow. It is a warm deep-brown color with warm undertone and satin finish with noticeable sparkling particles. The eye shadow performs well on bare skin and over the primer, blends well with the other shadows from the palette (both mattes and metallic ones). It is very smooth, so it’s easy to work with. The shadow lasts for 7 hours without noticeable fallout.

Too Faced Natural Eyes: Dupes & Color Comparison

Eye ShadowColorFinishUndertoneTime of Wear
Heavenlight beigemattewarm8 hours
Silk Teddywarm peachmetallicwarm7.5 hours
Strip Pokerlight brownmatte with minor satin sheenwarm8 hours
Cashmere Bunnywarm soft brownmattewarm8 hours
Push-Upmedium coppermetallicwarm7.5 hours
Honey Potgoldfrostedwarm8+hours
Sexspressodeep taupemattewarm7.5 hours
Eroticacool taupesparklingcool7.5 hours
Chocolate Martinideep brownsatinwarm7 hours
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Natural Eyes Palette
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Ann
Location (Sity, State): Houston, TX

I absolutely love the palette, and there isn't a color that I don't think I will be using. I've been using it for 2 weeks already, and I must say I love it. It is a good palette for everyday makeup routine.

 by Vanessa K
Location (Sity, State): New York

I love this palette because of smooth thexture. In fact, I had the previous edition of this palette, and the new one is something I recommend buying as well.

 by Jessica Darlin
Location (Sity, State): Sacramento, CA

I have just got this new palette, and I also had the previous edition (2014), which was awesome. I haven't tried all shadows of the new palette yet, but from what I've tried, there is no shadow that is a miss imo.

Olena Aliamina
I am Olena Aliamina, a prefessional coach and makeup artist. I started my career in beauty industry back in 2016 as a makeup artist, and later on added professional hair design, lash extension and hair stylist skills to my portfolio. I hope you will like my articles and tips I share!