Urban Decay Backtalk: Review & Swatches

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Urban Decay has finally unveiled their eye and face palette Backtalk. It is a limited-edition product that features both eye shadows and blushes. In the middle it has got a mirror. The majority of products feature warm tones and slight gentle shimmer. The palette was features pinky and shimmer colors that are so trendy this season! We were in the list of the first buyers of the Backtalk palette, and we are anxious to share our impressions, swatches and experience with you! So keep reading if you still haven’t decided whether you want this Urban Decay palette for your beauty bag.

Urban Decay Backtalk palette: Quick overview

Eyeshadow shades of the Backtalk palette may seem too similar and lacking versatility. So if you are into doing somewhat similar eye makeup, this palette will work just fine for you. Yet, if you love to experiment in your looks and need more colors to create a look, you will definitely have to use these shadows with the other products. It is a pink-nude palette that will perfectly work for moderate eye makeup. In the palette you get matte, satin and metallic shadows, as well as 4 blush options. Finishes and formula vary from shade to shade, yet are quite easy to work with.

  • 4 blush shades;
  • 8 eye shadows;
  • 1 mirror;
  • 88 oz of products;
  • 3 matte shadows;
  • 5 shimmer shadows.

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Urban Decay Backtalk: Eyeshadow shades & swatches

Urban Decay 3 Sheets: color & swatches

This is a pale pink eye shadow with warm undertone and matte finish. It features soft, velvety and smooth formula and excellent pigmentation. It does not feel powdery, which is unusual for shadows like this. It does not offer too thick coverage, yet it is not too thin. We recommend applying this shadow over the primer for better color payoff. The 3 Sheets eye shadow results in certain fallout and is easy to blend. It wears for 7+ hours over the primer.


Urban Decay Bare: color & swatches

Bare eye shadow is light peachy pink shade with warm undertone and sparkling metallic finish. The formula is somewhat dry and feels loosely pressed, compared to the other shadows from the Backtalk palette. This explains certain fallout during the application. Yet during wear this shadow stays well without noticeable fallout. It wears for 7 hours until it shows signs of fading. This shadow can be used on the crease, and on the brow bone.

Urban Decay Curve: color & swatches

This eye shadow features medium-to-light pink color with peachy warm undertone and frosted shimmer finish. The Curve eye shadow features semi-opaque coverage and medium pigmentation. Formula is somewhat dry, yet it is still comfortable to work with. We found, that it works better when is applied with a dampened brush. Also, it gives less fallout when applied over eye shadow primer. It stays for 7 hours before it gives noticeable fallout.

Urban Decay Backtalk: color & swatches

The Backtalk by Urban Decay is a muted pink with matte finish and warm undertone. It features semi-opaque coverage and semi-sheer pigmentation. This shadow works well over the primer and is easier to blend this way. When applied on bare skin, it becomes somewhat patchy. The texture is somewhat dusty, so it gives certain fallout during the application. It wears well for 6+ hours and then starts fading out.

Urban Decay Shade: color & swatches

The Shade eye shadow features bright medium berry color with satin finish and warm undertone. It features rich pigmentation, yet texture is somewhat dry, so you will need to put some effort to apply it even. It blends not as easy as the other shadows in the palette, and we found it easier to apply by pressing. It stays for 7+ hours, yet over this time it keeps losing its shine.

Urban Decay Attitude: color & swatches

This is a coppery red eye shadow with metallic finish and warm undertone. The finish is semi-opaque coverage and good pigmentation. Its texture is quite dense, so it blends not as easy as some other shadows from this palette. It was especially difficult to blend this shadow in the edges. We recommend applying it by patting and pressing to get even, non-patchy coverage. The Attitude eye shadow wears for 7.5 hours before fading out.

Urban Decay WTF: color & swatches

This eye shadow has the most disputable name. It features medium orange-brown color, matte finish and warm undertone. Texture is smooth and soft, and is extremely easy to blend and work with. It does not feature any signs of dryness, unlike many other matte eye shadows. Its pigmentation is rich and opaque. It wears for 8 hours without signs of wear.

Urban Decay 180: color & swatches

The 180 is a medium-to-dark brown eye shadow with satin finish and warm undertone. It is well-pigmented and features that smooth and somewhat creamy texture. We haven’t noticed that it was too firmly pressed, yet it did not feel powdery neither in the pan nor during the application. It blends well and lasts for 8 hours with very minimal signs of wear.

Urban Decay Backtalk: Blush shades & swatches

This eye & cheek palette by Urban Decay features both eye shadows and 4 blush colors. So we found the Backtalk palette a good solution for creating a complete look. Besides, there is a blush highlighter, which works especially well for summer makeup. So, let us consider the backtalk blushes to see, what they are about and how they perform on skin.

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Urban Decay Cheap Shot blush: color & swatches

The Cheap Shot blush is a pink plumy product with satin sheen and moderately cool undertone. The texture seems somewhat firm at first, and you may even think it’s dry. Yet, when it comes to application, the product applies so easy and blends well. After it is applied, it gets somewhat darker, yet it does not change color further. The pigmentation is semi-opaque, and this blush wears well for over 8 hours even on bare skin.

Urban Decay Double Take blush: color & swatches

The Double Take blush is a peachy pink product with matte finish and vividly warm undertone. It provides buildable semi-opaque coverage. The formula of this blush is somewhat powdery, and texture is moderately thin. It blends easily and does not darken after the application even on bare skin. The Double Take blush wears well for 8+ hours.

Urban Decay Low Key blush: color & swatches

The Low Key is a blush highlighter due to vivid metallic sheen. It features light pinky peach color, golden shimmer finish and warm undertone. Its shimmer is finely milled not to emphasize natural texture of the skin. The texture is not too firm or powdery, so it blends well on bare skin. Pigmentation is semi-opaque and it gives buildable coverage. This blush highlighter by Urban Decay wears well for 8+ hours.

Urban Decay Party Foul blush: color & swatches

The Party Foul is another blush highlighter with metallic finish, peachy-pink shade and warm undertone. It looks excellent on both tan and light skin. The formula is creamy and soft and blends easy. This blush features rich pigmentation and gentle metallic sheer. The formula allows controlling the amount of product you pick with a brush. The Party Foul blush wears well for 8+ hours.

Urban Decay Backtalk: Eyeshadows & Blush review

Shadow/BlushColorUndertoneFinishTime of Wear

Urban Decay Backtalk Eyeshadows

3 Sheetspale pinkwarm matte 7+ hours
Barelight peachy pinkwarm sparkling frosted7 hours
Curve medium pinkwarm frosted shimmer7 hours
Backtalk medium pinkwarm matte 6 hours
Shade medium berrywarm satin7 hours
Attitude coppery redwarm metallic 7.5 hours
WTF orange-brownwarm matte 8 hours
180dark-brownwarm satin 8 hours

Urban Decay Backtalk Blush

Cheap Shot plumy pink coolsatin 8+ hours
Double Takepeachy pinkwarm matte 8+ hours
Low Keylight pink warm shimmer 8 hours
Party Foullight peachy pink warm metallic 8+ hours

urban decay backtalk eye and face palette open

Urban Decay Vice Backtalk: Review & Swatches

The name ‘Backtalk’ that Urban Decay used in 2018 to call their limited-edition eye and face palette was previously used for a lip product. Urban Decay Backtalk lipstick is available as a stand-alone product, and as a shadow in the Vice lipstick palette. It can be truly called one of the best-selling lipsticks by Urban Decay. Urban Decay Vice lipstick backtalk is a pinky nude lip product with warm undertone and creamy satin finish. It wears for 7+ hours and feels comfortable on lips without getting patchy or creasing. Below is Urban decay vice backtalk dupe on skin. Just scroll a bit to see the swatch.

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Urban Decay Backtalk and Rush: Comparison & Swatches

Urban Decay Rush is another popular lip product, which is often considered an alternative or competitor to the Backtalk shade. The Rush is slightly brighter, than the Backtalk, yet it features the same creamy formula and superb pigmentation. The color is more peachy, than pink. It applies excellent in a single layer and wears for 7+ hours on skin.

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BackTalk Palette
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Kasey
Location (Sity, State): NH

I love multi-purpose palettes that contain both eye and face products in them. So I bought the Backtalk palette, and it's a really good investment IMO. I aminto that pink and berry makeup, so these colors are something I keep using on myself. Also, I like quality of their blush.

 by Nicole
Location (Sity, State): Washington

I piked this palette for summer, and I love it.However primarily I picked it not for the eye shadows, but because of face products. I cannot say I use all of those shadows every day in my makeup, though.

 by Karen
Location (Sity, State): VA

I totally love my Backtalk lipstick. I use it formy everyday makeup and this is the best lipstick for me at the moment. It is not dry, it looks natural on me and I like its formula.

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