Too Faced Clover Palette: Review & Swatches

too faced clover open palette with a mirror

This is a new limited-edition eye shadow palette that was dedicated to Chihuahua. Too Faced is widely known for their campaigns that support animals and base their cosmetic line up on cruelty-free basis. This palette consists of 18 eye shadows, the majority is neutral and brownish colors, but also there is a variety of pop colors. The colors are diverse and feature completely different finishes, such as satin, matte and shimmer. We have noticed that this palette in average is a good investment into your beauty bag, as it is easy to work with, and it features many unique colors. However, it is a good idea to use these eye shadows over the primer to prolong the time of wear and get more vibrant colors.

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Too Faced Clover Palette: Colors & Swatches

Puppy Eyes

This is a cool pale white eye shadow with semi-opaque coverage. The Puppy Eyes shadow features cool somewhat sparkling finish and is moderately pigmented. The texture is quite powdery, that’s why the shadow sheers out a bit. The shadow blends well and stays for 7+ hours.

Lucky Clover

This is a light green eye shadow with vivid yellowish shade and warm undertone. It features pearl finish and somewhat opaque pigmentation. The texture is somewhat dry and the shadow is loosely pressed in the pan, which makes it dusty. The color shifts a bit and becomes lighter right after the application, yet after initial fading it wears well for 6+ hours without noticeable fallout or creasing.


The Chihuahua is a very light brown eye shadow with golden undertone, matte finish and essentially warm undertone. It features rich pigmentation, yet the texture is thin, so it works way better over the primer, than on bare skin. Frankly speaking, you will need to put some effort to apply it evenly on bare skin and blend it properly. However, this shadow performs excellent over the primer and is easy to work with. It lasts for 6+ hours without a primer, yet it lasts for 8+ hours when applied over the primer.

Fur Baby

This is a light brown with warm undertones. It features matte finish and gives excellent coverage when applied with one layer. The Fur Baby features excellent color playoff and is soft. It blends well, even though we noticed it having somewhat powdery formula in the pan. It wears well for 7.5 hours before fading out.


This is a dark brown eye shadow with sparkling metallic finish and warm undertone. We found it challenging to work with this eye shadow, as it is loosely packed in the pan and features somewhat dry texture. This resulted into significant fallout during the application. Also, due to its dry and sparkling texture, we noticed it is somewhat difficult to blend the shadow evenly. However, once blended out, this eye shadow stays well without any fallout for 7.5 hours.


This is a light bluish teal eye shadow with cool undertone and pearly finish. Its texture is somewhat dry, which makes the application somewhat challenging. The Spoiled eye shadow by Too Faced features somewhat opaque coverage. The shadow does not apply evenly on bare skin, yet works pretty well over the primer. We noticed that it’s easier to apply with dampened brush. When applied over the primer, the shadow stays well for 6 hours without fading.

I Ruff You

This is a light pink eye shadow with pearly finish and warm undertone. Its pigmentation is moderate and semi-opaque. The consistency is somewhat loose in the pan, yet when it comes to application, the formula does not feel too dusty or dry. I Ruff You eye shadow is does not sheer out easily and adheres well to bare skin. This eye shadow wears well for 7.5 hours without significant signs of wear.

Paw Print

The Paw Print is a medium taupe and taupe with cool undertone and matte finish. The eye shadow is well pigmented and features excellent color playoff even when it’s applied in a single layer. The texture of this eye shadow can be described as dry and even somewhat dusty in the pan, yet applies well both on bare skin and over the primer. The Paw Print blends well and wears for 7.5 hours.

Ruh Roh

The Ruh Roh is a brownish plumy eye shadow with pearly finish and warm undertones. It features semi-opaque pigmentation and smooth and sleek consistency. However, in the pan it feels noticeably denser, than the regular similar Too Faced products. The shadow applies evenly without being patchy or too dry, though. It wears for 7.5 hours before fading out.

Love is Love

This is a bright pink eye shadow with matte finish and essentially warm undertones. The coverage is quite thin and the texture is powdery, which makes the shadow quite difficult to work with. When applied on bare skin, the color gets darker by its own and applies unevenly. Though, it works way better over the primer and looks vivid due to excellent pigmentation. It lasts for 7.5 hours on without fading.

Wet Kisses

This is a coppery brown eye shadow with orange warm undertone and metallic finish. The color payoff is opaque when the shadow is applied in one layer. The texture is somewhat dense, yet smooth. The formula applies well to bare skin without being patchy or uneven.  The shadow works well over eye shadow primer and on bare skin and lasts in average for 7 hours.


This is a black eye shadow with cool undertone and matte finish with slight pearl particles. The pigmentation is semi-opaque, and the shadow applies evenly without creasing or being patchy even on bare skin. The texture is dry, so it blends not that easy as we expected. The shadow stays on eye lids for 7 hours before fading out. It wears without noticeable fallout, which is important for dark eye shadows.

Cuteness Overload

The Cuteness Overload eye shadow is a neutral shadow that can be fitted to almost any nude or natural makeup. It is golden beige with slight peachy warm undertone, that features metallic sheen . The consistency is somewhat dense yet creamy, which makes it easy to work with. This eye shadow holds well on skin and applies without noticeable fallout. The coverage is opaque and the formula works well both on bare skin and over the primer. The shadow works well for 8 hours without significant signs of wear.

Best Friends

This is a dark reddish brown eye shadow with warm copper undertone and bluish shimmer finish. The eye shadow can be called duo-chrome due to this kind of finish. Its pigmentation is opaque, and the texture allows applying the shadow directly to skin. The formula is soft and the shadow applies evenly without being patchy. However, we’ve noticed, that the shadow fades right after the application, especially when it’s applied on bare skin. The shadow stays well without further fading for 7 hours.

Cuddle Buddy

This is a brown eye shadow with somewhat rosy warm undertone and essentially warm finish. The pigmentation is semi-opaque, and the color applies well on the lid without creasing or noticeable fallout. It applies evenly and blends well both on skin and over the primer. The consistency is neither dry nor too smooth, which makes the eye shadow blendable and easy to work with. It lasts for 7.5 hours before it shows certain signs of wear.

Daddies Love Me

This is a bright dark pink with cool undertone and matte finish. This eye shadow is very powdery both in the pan and during the application, so it gives significant fallout. The texture is grainy and the pigmentation is semi-opaque. Over the primer it performs significantly better, than on bare skin; however the pigmentation does not become opaque even over the primer. We’ve noticed that the color work best when there is another eye shadow under it. The shadow wears well for 7 hours before it starts fading out.

TF Mascot

This is a fuchsia eye shadow with cool undertone and pearly finish. The TF Mascot features excellent pigmentation and rich pigmentation and good color payoff, so this shadow applies well on bare skin and over the primer. The texture is soft, smooth and not dusty, and the shadow blends easy. After the application the shadow does not fallout and lasts for 7.5 hours before it starts fading.

Good Boy

This is a bright yellow color with vivid undertone and matte finish. The product is easy to pick up and work with due to moderately smooth and soft texture. The product blends well and is well-pigmented, which allows applying it nicely in one single layer both on bare skin and over the primer. It stays well for 8 hours without fading.

Too Faced Clover Palette: Colors Comparison & Specs

Eye ShadowColorUndertoneFinishTime of Wear
Puppy eyescool pale whitecool sparkling7+ hours
Lucky Cloverlight greenwarmpearl6+ hours
Chihuahualight gold brownwarmmatte7 hours
Fur Babylight brownwarmmatte7.5 hours
SaveThemAlldark brownwarm sparkling metallic7.5 hours
Spoiledlight bluishcoolpearly6 hours
I Ruff Youlight pinkwarm pearly sheen7.5 hours
Paw Printmuted medium purpled taupecool matte 7 hours
Ruh Rohdeep plumy brownwarmpearly sheen7.5 hours
Love is Lovemedium pinkwarmmatte 7.5 hours
Wet Kissesmedium coppery brownwarm metallic sheen7 hours
Woofblackcoolmatte with pearl particles7 hours
Cuteness Overloadgolden beigewarmmetallic8 hours
Best Friendsdark reddish brownwarmbluish shimmer7 hours
Cuddle Buddyrosy brownwarm matte 7.5 hours
Daddies Love Medark pinkcoolmatte7 hours
TF Mascotfuchsiacoolpearly7.5 hours
Good Boybright yellowwarmmatte8 hours
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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Sue
Location (Sity, State): WA

I bought this palette because I liked the colors it has got. I liked the way the colors perform, yet there are some colors that I don't think I will be using. Like that green or blue that I do not really like.

 by Lisa
Location (Sity, State): Connecticut

I like the mattes in this palette, however the packaging is something I don't really understand in this palette. To me, it looks somewhat childish. Yet, I can't say it's bad.

 by Allison Kasey
Location (Sity, State): SC

I love this palette for the colors. It is a great solution for those, who love to experiment with their makeup. I love the way it works with too faced primer.

Olena Aliamina
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