Urban Decay Naked Heat: Review & Swatches

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Urban Decay has recently introduced another full-size palette with warm brownish colors for deep or nude makeup. This is Urban Decay Heat. The palette features brownish orange undertones with both matte and shimmer finish. It features 12 eye shadows. The package has got a large mirror, and there is also a double-ended brush in the kit. In total, the product volume is 0.60 oz. Formula of the shadows differs from shadow to shadow, so keep reading and check out our review on each shadow and swatches below.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette: Overview

This eye shadow palette comes in the traditional for the Urban Decay Naked series package that features a double-ended brush and a big mirror inside. The Naked Heat palette comes in a cardboard box, and the palette packaging itself is plastic. The colors of the shadows are red- and orange-based. We have noticed, that these eye shadows perform well over the eye shadow primer and feature way better color playoff. In general, both mattes and shimmers from this palette feature drier formula, than shadows with the same finish from the other palettes by UD. The shadows do not appear that creamy, as they appeared in the previous palettes. Yet, the mattes in this palette are more pigmented, than in the Naked Smoky palette.

urban decay heat open palette with brush

Naked Urban Decay Heat: Review & Swatches

With the variety of colors, finishes and shades, there are certain things that we clearly noticed, when working with this palette. Also, the formula has got certain differences, if we compare it with the previous Urban Decay palettes.

  • Shadows blend well.
  • Deep brown shadows run together and feel like they lack contrast.
  • Formula is drier, than in the previous UD palettes.
  • Shimmer eye shadows are thinner and less pigmented.
  • Mattes feature noticeably better pigmentation.

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This is a light pinky beige color with matte finish and warm undertone. It features semi-opaque coverage and somewhat dusty texture. Ounce eye shadow blends well and does not give any fallout despite of that dustiness in the pan. It wears well for 7 hours, yet it performs better over the primer.


This is a light somewhat brownish peachy eye shadow with warm undertone and matte finish. In the pan the texture appears somewhat firm, and we haven’t noticed any dustiness. It performs well on the lid both over the primer and on bare skin without sheering out. It blends well and lasts for 7.5 hours


This is a medium brownish peachy color with matte finish and warm undertone. It features fully opaque color playoff. In the pan it is not dusty or chalky. The eye shadow applies smoothly and despite of somewhat thin application it is easy to work with. It performs well on the lid for 8 hours without fading out.

Low Blow

This eye shadow features brown orange color with warm undertone and matte finish. The Low Blow features excellent pigmentation and applies smoothly both over the primer and on bare skin. Even though it’s matte, it does not feel dusty or chalky, and does not give fallout during the application. It is easy to work with and blend. The shadow stays for 8+ hours.


Lumbre is a reddish coral eye shadow with warm undertone and pearly finish. It features excellent color playoff and works well both over the primer and on bare skin. The texture is somewhat dry, so for even application it’s better to press the brush to pack it on the lid. If you apply it in the regular way, you will not notice that smoothness and intensity and gain that uneven and frosty look. The shadow wears well for 8 hours over the primer without fading out.

He Devil

This is a reddish brown eye shadow with matte finish and warm undertones. It features extremely strong pigmentation even if applied in a single layer on bare skin. The texture is soft and blendable, and blendability is something you will definitely love about this color. It stays for 8+ hours without noticeable fading.

Dirty Talk

The Dirty talk by Urban Decay is a copper-brown eye shadow with frosted sheen and warm undertone. The eye shadow gives good coverage and applies evenly both over the primer and on bare skin. In the pen it feels somewhat loose. It applies well, yet during the application it gives certain fallout. It wears well for 7.5 hours without fallout or fading.


Scorched is a dark reddish brown eye shadow with metallic finish and warm undertone. The pigmentation is close to opaque and the texture is somewhat dry. Due to loosely pressed formula, it gives certain fallout during the application. Yet once it is on the eye lid, it stays well without fallout. We found it easier applies with a dampened brush or with a fingertip. You will have to put some effort to blend it out evenly. The shadow stays well for 8 hours without fading out.


This is a brown eye shadow with orange warm undertone and matte finish. The pigmentation is semi-opaque. The Cayenne eye shadow blends well and applies easily both on bare skin and over the primer. The texture is thinner, than in the other mattes from this palette, yet it is still comfortable to apply, blend and work with. It stays well for 7.5 hours on lids.

En Fuego

The En Fuego is a muted brownish plum eye shadow with matte finish and buildable pigmentation. It s texture is somewhat firm and dry, which makes it somewhat difficult to blend without getting patchy coverage. This color performs well over the primer, and works not that well on bare skin. It stays well for 8 hours without fading out or getting darker in the edges.


This is a plum eye shadow with warm brownish undertone and matte finish. The formula is somewhat dry, which makes it stiff in pan. You will have to put some effort to apply it evenly due to its dry formula, so if you want to get that even coverage, it’s better to apply primer prior to this eye shadow application. Alternatively, you can apply it on top of the other matte shadows for that deep effect. The shadow wears for 7.5 hours without creasing.


This is a brownish plumy eye shadow with somewhat olive playoff, frosted finish and warm undertone. It is well pigmented and features smooth and sleek formula. That’s why it is easy to work with. It does not fallout, blends well and gives smooth coverage. It wears well for 8 hours without fading or noticeable fallout.

UD Heat Palette: Dupes

UD Eye Shadow




Time of Wear

Ouncelight pinkwarmmatte7+ hours
Chaserbrownish peachywarmmatte7.5 hours
Saucedmedium brownish peachywarmmatte8 hours
Low Blowbrown orangewarmmatte8 hours
Lumbrecoral-redwarmpearly sheen8 hours
He Devilreddish-brownwarmmatte8 hours
Dirty Talkcopper-brownwarmfrosted sheen7.5 hours
Scorcheddark reddish brownwarmmetallic8 hours
Cayennebrownwarmmatte7.5 hours
En Fuegobrownish plumwarmmatte8 hours
Ashesdark muted plumwarmmatte7.5 hours
Emberplummy bronzewarmfrosted sheen8 hours
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Heat Palette
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Kelly
Location (Sity, State): Sacramento, CA

I enjoy working with this palette as a makeup artist. I like the way the colors blend together and the way they stay. My customers value my makeup for being lasting, and this palette performs long. I apply these shadows only over UD potion primer, and I totally like the way these two perform together. Colors look especially good on tan or olive skin.

 by Alicia
Location (Sity, State): Los Angeles

I am a fan of those Naked series UD palettes. I tried a couple of other eye shadows (like Spectrum), which I did not really like. Yet thisone works exceptionally good for me and I like the formula for being soft and pigmented. I use Heat along with classic Naked and I like these two work out on my skin.

 by Jennifer Rossi
Location (Sity, State): Sydney, Australia

I totally love this palette, as it should work great on my tan skin in summer. I combine it with the basic Naked palette colors and I like the way the shadows blend together.