Top 5 Best Eyebrow Brushes

It is crucial that you do the brows in the right way to pull the whole look together. There is a variety of brushes available on the market, but which of them are the best? The key things you want to look into is the thin edge of the brush. This will help you make the look accurate and sharp. Now, the best brush means the brush that will last, and will not stick up in a couple of make ups. So it is better to consider quality when picking this beauty tool for yourself. Some brushes have got the comb for eyebrows on the other end, and that is a bonus for those, who have got thick and naughty eyebrow hair. So, we have picked top-5 brow brushes that are proven to last, so you are welcome to pick the most suitable one.

Duo Brush #20 by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This brand is well-known for the brow kits and dipbrow pomades. So no wonder the brow brush they offer is considered one of the best choices. This is a trusted brow tool that has got a brush on one end and a comb on the other. The bristles will help you shape the brow, while the flat brush will smooth the eye brows and help you apply the brow shadow or pomade. The brush is synthetic, and it will work fine both with powder and liquid textures.

double-ended brow brush Anastasia Beverly Hills

Double-Ended Brow Brush by Revlon

This is a tri-purpose brush, crafted for naughty brows. It features a plastic comb and angled brush on one end, and a spoolie tip on the other. This tool will help you focus on shaping the hairs and filling and contouring. The brow mascara can be applied with the spoolie, and then the remains may be removed with the comb.

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brow brush with comb by Revlon

Duo-Angled Eyebrow Brush with Spoolie by pro Brow

This tiny brush is crafted for excellent brow makeup. The synthetic angled bristles will help you apply both brow eye shadow and brow pomade. Its shape and material will cope with both liquid and powder textures. And spoolie will help you either apply brow mascara or just shape the brows the right way.

duo-angled eye brow brush by pro Brow

Sourcils Gel Dual-Ended Eyebrow Brush #27 by Lancome

This is a precise eyebrow-shaping tool by premium brand. It allows creating precise brow shape and then applying brow mascara with the spoolie tip. Also, the spoolie tip may be used to apply that transparent eyebrow fixing gel, and the plumped-up point may be used to tidy the unnecessary makeup lines or spots.

eye brow brush by Lancome

Angled Brow Brush #208S by MAC

This is a truly professional eyebrow brush that was crafted for the makeup artists that do a dozen of makeups every day. So be sure this brush will last. The brush features that precise angled edge and thin tip, and is made of both natural and synthetic fibers. This brush is made universal, so you may apply powder, liquid or cream with it.

angled brow brush by MAC