Secrets of Kim Kardashian Makeup

kim kardashian photo with perfect contouring

Kim Kardashian-West is one of celebrities many ladies want to take after. We have collected some tips on how to create the makeup she wears. If you close your eyes and try imagining Kim Kardashian, first thing you see is long straight glossy dark hair and sky-high lashes. The key feature of her makeup is perfectly contoured face and full lips. This look is easily recognized. It takes her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic several hours to create that carefully curated look. So, what are the secrets of this makeup?

Skin preparation and initial contouring

When you plan creating such makeup, clean and prepare the skin. What does it mean? Use your face primer to make the complexion even and minimize pores and lines. Here are the ideas of primers to consider. When the face is primed, Kim uses dark corrector to tract the contour of face and cheek bones. Unlike many other celebrities, she works the contour deep into the hairline. This provides natural effect and makes face longer and more oval. Though, such contouring may be a challenge to wash out the next day

Secrets of Kim Kardashian Makeup

Foundation and tone

Kim applies foundation after the major contouring is done, and dark concealer is already on. When choosing foundation for your own makeup, it is important to consider the type of skin you’ve got. If the skin is oily, it is a good idea to pick the foundation that will mattify the face and eliminate that annoying gloss. If the skin is dry, it is important to pick the nourishing foundation. Here are some ideas to consider. For that clean and perfect look, foundation has to be applied all over the face, go into the hair line and on the neck, and end without the vivid contour.

Secrets of Kim Kardashian Makeup

Contouring and highlighting tips by Kim

She contours her nose on both sides and under the tip. This makes it look shorter and better defined. As for the highlighter, Kim highlights above the cheek bones and under her eyes. This makes the face look more prolonged, and cheek bones become more vivid. She also highlights under her nose and above the upper lip. And there is one more highlighting tip by Kim that you will not necessarily want to repeat – she highlights her ears. And tip of her nose.

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Secrets of Kim Kardashian Makeup

Nude lips

This is another distinctive feature of Kim’s makeup. She rarely wears dark or too bright lipstick. So if you want to repeat that celebrity look, it is better to stick to the nude lipstick with minor shimmer or just pick transparent or beige lip gloss. Before applying it, do not forget to contour the lips with the lip pencil, one tone darker than the lipstick you are planning to use.

Secrets of Kim Kardashian Makeup

Brows and lashes

In her makeup, Kim prefers natural brow shape. So we recommend using brown brow shadows and thin brush to create that effect. As for the color, it’s always better to consider your natural hair color not to go too dark. As for the lashes, she uses mascara that defines each lash, and does both upper and lower lashes. To gain that look, it’s a good idea to paint your lashes twice. And a small tip. To maximize lash volume, it is a good idea to draw a thin line right above the lashes. But do not make it too thick or too long, to stick to the natural look.

Secrets of Kim Kardashian Makeup

Key Steps to Repeat Kim Kardashian’s Makeup

  • Do perfect contouring;
  • Highlight above your cheek bones and cupid’s bow;
  • Highlight your eye brows’ natural shape;
  • Pick nude lipgloss or lipstick;
  • Apply your mascara in several layers to multiply their volume.

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