Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows for Stunning Holiday Makeup

glitter eye make up with cut crease long lashes and perfect brows

Glitters always attract attention and make you a star of every holiday party. Sure thing, this is not something you will use for the everyday makeup. Yet, whenever you want to shine, it is a good idea to apply some glitter on the eyelid as the final stroke of your makeup. Also you may add an extra sparkling detail – a shiny spot on your lips. There is a variety of glitters avail on the market. So, which would be the most reliable ones? Which will last long and won’t ruin the overall look? We’ve picked the top 5 for you.

Lemonhead Spacejam Birthday Bitch

This is a gelish sparkling foundation for a stunning and bright makeup. This glitter consists of tiny round sparkles, and also has got tiny stars in it. The color itself is pinky violet, and the glare is iridescent multicolor. It is fun to experiment with it when creating a bright and unique look.

star glitter Lemonhead Spacejam by Birthday Bitch

Sparkles by Makeup Geek

The manufacturer of this glitter claims this glitter goes way beyond the others, where no other cosmetic company has gone before. This is a glitter eye shadow is a pigment, which consists of reflective particles that are 100% safe on the sensitive face skin. The brand claims the glitter will hold perfectly with no adhesive or base. The Sparkles do not contain talc or paraben that makes it safe to use.

silver eye and lip glitter Sparkles Makeup Geek

Magnificent Metals Foil Eye Shadow by Stila

Stila offers this pigment for those, who clearly do not want tiny sparkles to be all over the face after they are applied. This is a clean-looking glitter that looks like foil when applied by means of the special liquid base that comes in the kit. First, you need to apply the primer, and then put the glitter on top of it. As the result, the glitter stays only where the liquid was applied and when dries, resembles gold foil on the eyelids.

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stila golden glitter magnificent metals foil eye shadow

Eyeshadow Shimmer Finish by Urban Decay

This is a sparking shiny finish that is recommended to apply when the whole makeup is ready. It is applied over the eye shadows where you want the eye lid to shine. This shimmer is available in 15 color options, and is a great solution for those, who do not want the whole palette. The texture is velvety soft and is proven to stay.

violet urban decay eyes hadow with shimmer finish by urban decay

Tarteist Metallic Shadow by Tarte

This glitter does not feature that grainy formula, and gives even and shiny look to the whole makeup. By texture, it is a creamy pigment, and the assortment features a variety of shades for different makeup experiments.

gold tarte tarteist metallic shadow

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