How To Rock The Bleached Brow Trend Without The Bleach

How To Rock The Bleached Brow Trend Without The Bleach

In the 1980s, people used to apply Jheri curls in their bathroom sink, but now, we’re bleaching our eyebrows. Despite the possibility of regretting this trend in the future, there’s no denying that the blonde eyebrow look is the “it-girl” aesthetic of the year. Although some boyfriends may not approve of it, Julia Fox happily proclaimed the brow trend a “man repellant” on TikTok. The bleach stylings are undeniably alluring, and with Y2K and futuristic grunge still reigning supreme in fashion, blonde brows have become the new beauty accessory. Even supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have joined the club.

Mixing bleach powder and developer can feel like jumping into a long-term relationship, but luckily, there are ways to test the waters first. If you’ve graduated from soap brows to boy brows to laminated brows and think you’re ready for the next step but don’t want to go full commitment, we might have a solution for you.

Find a blond concealer shade

If you’re thinking of trying the faux blonde brows trend, you might not need to use bleach or purple shampoo. Instead, you can check your makeup drawer for a good concealer. Beauty experts and MUAs on Tiktok are using their concealers to create the bleached trend. You can use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, which is usually the ideal shade for highlighting. If you want a more platinum or cooler-toned blonde, you can try an even lighter concealer shade that you wouldn’t usually use in your regular makeup routine.

Gel your eyebrows back

combing spoolie through bleached brows


Once you’ve chosen your concealer shade that will act as the blonde faux dye, you first want to prep the brows. Part of the bleached brow trend is also the boy brow styling, so you’ll want to treat them with a gel and brush them into your desired shape before going in with concealer. Rather than splurging on an aesthetic beauty gel designed for brows, many influencers swear by hair brand Got2b’s Ultra Glued styling gel. Apply a small amount on a spoolie, and brush generously into the brows without overdoing the application. Too much gel could result in excess residue or flakiness. The idea is to shape the brows into a fluffy yet sleek shape.

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Coat and style

combing spoolie through bleached brows


Once you’ve gelled and styled your brows, clean your spoolie, or grab a new one before moving on. You’re now ready to coat your eyebrows in their new color. Generously apply the concealer onto the spoolie, and coat the hairs evenly, working upwards and out to the edges. When using a concealer to cover the brows, it’s best to work with a liquid full-coverage formula that can conceal dark hairs. Addison Rae’s ITEM Air Hug Concealer is both lightweight and has full coverage to create a smooth finish that’s not clunky or heavy.

Use a blonde brow pencil

model with bleached brows


If you prefer a matte finish and your brows are already in the light to dark-brown shade range, there’s another option you can try. Instead of using a liquid concealer, you can use a concealer pencil to shade over the entire brow. Anastasia Beverly Hills‘ Pro Pencil comes in three natural finishes that perfectly mimic bleached hairs. You can use the jumbo pencil to coat the entire brow, leaving a blonde matte finish. To tidy up the area and add definition, use a blonde brow pencil like Benefit Cosmetic’s Gimme Brow + Volumizing Brow Pencil.

Try a digital filter

digital hair filter


Life imitates art, as the saying goes, and in today’s world, that applies to both digital and augmented reality. If you’re hesitant to take the blonde plunge, you can first try the bleached brows on virtually. TikTokkers are trying on the look by first wearing the filter before committing. It’s important to note that the filter not only sleeks your brows back but also gives you a slight brow lift and pouted lips. So, before falling in love with your new digital mirror, keep in mind it’s also enhancing other areas of your face to make you feel like Bella Hadid. Regardless, it’s a great preview of what could be.

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