Here’s Why You Should Give Purple Blush A Try

Here's Why You Should Give Purple Blush A Try

It’s possible that you’re open-minded and enjoy experimenting with makeup. You may even see your makeup table as your own personal laboratory, where you mix and match colors and products to create a unique look for yourself. However, there are still some limits. For instance, you might be hesitant to try purple blush, preferring shades like salmon, rose, and bubblegum instead.

Purple blush has become a popular makeup trend for people of all skin tones. Rihanna has played a significant role in promoting this trend, and Fenty Beauty even sells purple blush. Despite its popularity, purple blush is not typically referred to as “wild,” but rather as a versatile and flattering option for many people.

The rocker is nothing if not a rebel with a cause, so all this can mean only one thing: if you’re not using purple blush, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Purple neutralizes warm colors

Woman wearing purple blush

Blush is a makeup product that may have become so routine for you that you have forgotten why you use it. Perhaps you just know that you feel better and more confident when you wear it. However, it’s worth noting that purple blush can be just as effective as the more traditional peach, coral, and pink shades. It can add volume to a long, thin face, slim down a round face, and even sculpt or create the illusion of a different face shape.

Make sure to keep the basics of the color wheel in mind. Purple is a cool color and it pairs best with yellows and oranges, which are warm colors on the opposite side of the wheel. Purple can help neutralize these warm colors. Knowing this can help ease any concerns you may have, especially if you’re worried that a purple blush will make you look like you have a bruise on your face. However, a good purple blush won’t do that at all because it actually works to correct any orange tones.

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There are various shades of purple, just like there are different shades of peach, coral, and pink. Therefore, it is important to choose your purple blush carefully. Not all shades of purple will complement orange. Some shades of purple might look pink or red on the skin. To avoid this, choose a shade of purple that has blue undertones. The color wheel can be useful in identifying such shades.

Experiment with purpose

Woman wearing purple blush

If you’re planning to use purple blush and want to wear it well, you may need to experiment a bit. However, before heading to the store, it’s a good idea to narrow down your choices based on your skin tone. For instance, if your complexion is fair or light, you should opt for a soft lilac blush with a hint of pink, as suggested by makeup artists Joseph Carrillo and Nydia Figueroa in Allure magazine. This is because your skin tone is better suited to purple blush than other skin tones, and the contrast will make your skin appear brighter.

Violets and mauves are best suited to people with medium skin tones (via Project Vanity). In other words, medium purples look best on people with medium skin tones. If you have a dark skin tone, keep going in the same direction. Choose a shade of purple that hews to plum or berry or the darker purple hues.

Gaining confidence in applying purple blush may take a few sessions. Start out by using a small amount of powder blush and continue building on it until you get the color to your liking. If you’re determined to go purple light, choose a cream-purple blush, which is easier to apply. Then, you can also diffuse the color. Like many purple blush converts, you may wish you had tried this “radical” color sooner. But at least you got there. And like Rihanna, that makes you a rebel with a cause.

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