How to Apply Loose Powder: Tips & Tricks

girl applies loose powder on face with a kabuki brush

Loose powder is an ultimate product for neat, lasting and professional makeup. Usually it is used as a final step in the makeup routine on top of foundation. Loose powder absorbs extra grease and makes foundation look neat and fresh on the face. There are three main types of loose powder: translucent, colored and loose powder with reflective particles.

How to apply loose powder: tutorial

  1. To avoid picking too much loose powder on your brush or puff, shake some powder into a container. You can use the top as a container.
  2. Dip your brush, puff or beauty blender into powder but don’t pick too much of product. Make sure to dip only the top part of brush.
  3. Remove excess product from the brush/puff by tapping the brush against the lid.
  4. Buff the powder into the skin by circular movements. Start with the T-zone, then move to forehead and cheeks.
  5. Use clean brush to remove excess product from the skin.

girl applies loose powder with a natural kabuki brush

What’s the best way to apply loose powder?

There are different tools you can use to apply loose powder. Tool choice depends on the effect you want to gain and on the type of powder you plan using.
Beauty ToolEffectTypes of powderPrice
Powder brushnatural dewy looktranslucent;
with reflective particles.
Beauty blenderfull coveragetranslucent;
Powder puff matte finishtranslucent;

different loose powders and blushes with brushes

Top-7 Loose Powder Choices

There are so many loose powder choices on the market these days. Here is the list of top-7 loose powders that really do their job. We've selected powders by different brands for you to consider.
Loose PowderBrandColorVolumePrice
Fit Me Loose Finishing PowderMaybelline8 color options0.7 ozCHECK PRICE
True Match NaturaleL'Oreal Paris10 color options0.35 ozCHECK PRICE
Loose Setting PowderLaura MercierTranslucent1 ozCHECK PRICE
High Definition Powdere.l.f. StudioSoft Luminance0.28 ozCHECK PRICE
Mineral Finishing PowderNYX Professional MakeupColored0.28 ozCHECK PRICE
Banana Loose Setting PowderAestheticaUniversal tone6.4 ozCHECK PRICE
Loose BaseGlo Skin Beauty9 color options1.6 ozCHECK PRICE
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