How to apply highlighter drops

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If you do not want your face to look flat this summer, it is a good idea to pick a highlighter for that healthy and glowing look. With so many highlighters on the market, it is difficult to pick one that’s going to be the best. Cover FX, L’Oreal and many other makeup brands have recently introduced several liquid highlighters, and we must say, these products really do their job.

 How to apply liquid highlighter

Liquid highlighter or highlighter drops are usually applied on top of foundation. So when the face is primed, prepped and you’ve got your foundation on, proceed to highlighter application. Put tiny drops of highlighter onto the high points of your face in order to create that perfectly lit and sculptured face effect. You will need to highlight cheekbones, brow bones and tip and/or bridge of the nose. Next, you can use your fingertips, blending sponge or synthetic brush to rub the highlighter into the skin and blend the coverage. You may need different brush sizes to work with wider (e.g. cheekbones) and smaller areas (nose, Cupid’s bow, etc).

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Where do you put liquid highlighter on your face?

Usually, liquid highlighter is applied along the face in the areas, where sun naturally touches skin. The main rule of liquid highlighter application is to make it look natural and not to do too much. Unlike powder highlighter, highlighter drops will not be removed as easily as powder highlighter by simply blending out. So it’s always better to do a bit of highlighting first, and then add more if you feel you need more glow.

  • Bridge of nose;
  • Cupid’s bow;
  • Brow bones;
  • Top of cheekbones.
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Difference between liquid and powder highlighter

Let’s put it straight: liquid highlighters are very different from the powder ones. And even though all highlighters typically have the same function and may be used as multi-purpose products, highlighter drops are usually more pigmented and better stay on skin. That’s why we recommend using highlighter drops for summer, especially if you want your makeup to last in hot summer days.

The best highlighter drops

Here is the list of the best highlighter drops. We really like, how these products perform, and you may be interested in one of them for your own glowing makeup.
Highlighter dropsColorVolumePrice
Cover FX Enhancer Drops6 color options of bronzers and highlighters0.8 ozCHECK PRICE
L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glowhighlighting glowing drops0.47 ozCHECK PRICE
Plovex Liquid Highlighter 5 colors of shimmer highlighters, bronzers and concealer0.5 ozCHECK PRICE
Maybelline Master Strobing Stick2 colors of shimmer highlighter0.24 ozCHECK PRICE
Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Dropsmoderate golden glow0.16 ozCHECK PRICE
Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Dropsnatural peachy glow6.4 ozCHECK PRICE
SUNTRIC Liquid Highlighterpinky gold shimmer highlighter0.53 ozCHECK PRICE

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