Kourt x Kylie Makeup Collection: Review & Swatches

kylie kourt Kylie x Kourt eyeshadow collection

In April, 2018, Kylie Jenner released a new limited-edition makeup collection. It was developed in collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian. The collection consists of 3 eye shadow palettes and 3 liquid lipsticks. The curious thing about the series is its extreme success, as everything was sold out on the official Kylie web site within only 6 minutes after the products became available for purchase. Soon, the products became available again. Luckily we were in the list of those, who were lucky to pick and test the products right away. Now, we are glad to share our impressions, so if you haven’t decided whether you need these eye shadows or lipsticks for your beauty collection, keep reading our review!

Eye Shadow Palettes: Kourt & Kylie Collection

Limited-edition makeup collection by Kourt & Kylie has got 3 palettes:

  • The Pink palette;
  • The Blue palette;
  • The green palette.

Name of each palette means the color of its packaging and has nothing to do with the eye shadow colors as such. We think, that the packaging of these palettes looks a bit like kids makeup, but there’s nothing bad about it. Every palette features 4 eye shadows and a mirror. The palettes are compact and travel-friendly due to small size. Overall we found, that the eye shadows from this collection feature extremely rich pigmentation yet are somewhat loosely pressed in the pan. So, they give certain amount of fallout. They are easy to blend, and they last longer when applied over the primer. The smooth and velvety texture resembles that we’ve seen in the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. Compared to the previous Kylie palettes, we’ve noticed improved formula that is softer and is way more pigmented. Now, let us take a look at each palette and see, how these colors perform.

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The Blue Palette (Kylie x Kourt): Swatches

If we were to pick only one palette out of this limited-edition collection, we’d pick the Blue palette. We absolutely love the dark brown color (Bible), which is something we normally use in makeup. Plus, we love the bright gold shimmer eye shadow (1944).

The Blue Palette (Kylie x Kourt): Colors

Eye ShadowColorFinishUndertoneVolume
1944bright goldmetallic warm 0.06 oz/1.8 g
In the Reignmedium bronze metallic warm 0.06 oz/1.8 g
Calabass light peachy brownmattewarm 0.06 oz/1.8 g
Bible deep brownish plummatteneutral0.06 oz/1.8 g

The Pink Palette (Kylie x Kourt): Swatches

The Pink palette is made for neutral, light and almost nude makeup. It features 3 metallics and one matte peach color. The Diamond eye shadow can be used as a highlighter. Here is a tip for easy application of these eye shadows. Gently touch the eye shadow to pick some product, as the product is not that densely packed into the pan and the formula appears quite sensitive.  During the application, the shadows feature noticeable fallout. Glitters from this palette, as well as 1944 from The Blue palette, are better applied with tapping motions.

The Pink Palette (Kylie x Kourt): Colors

Eye ShadowColorFinishUndertoneVolume
Diamond light peachy goldmetallic warm 0.06 oz/1.8 g
Pooshbrownish pinkmetallic duochromewarm 0.06 oz/1.8 g
The Queensoft peachymattewarm 0.06 oz/1.8 g
Gluten Freepeachy beigemetallic warm 0.06 oz/1.8 g

The Green Palette (Kylie x Kourt): Swatches

The Green eye shadow palette is extremely pigmented, as well as the other eye shadows from the collection. The shadows blend nicely and give even non-patchy coverage when applied over the eye shadow primer. Working with these new palettes we’ve noticed, that the formula has improved, compared to the previous eye shadows by Kylie Jenner. The formula is creamy, pigmented, powerful, yet the darker shadows give a lot of fallout. So if you plan doing your makeup with this palette, It’s better to do eyes before foundation

The Green Palette (Kylie x Kourt): Colors

Eye ShadowColorFinishUndertoneVolume
Slob Kabobneutral pink matte cool0.06 oz/1.8 g
Ma$e pomegranate matte cool0.06 oz/1.8 g
Matchablue green metallic cool0.06 oz/1.8 g
Heartless brownish neutral gold metallic neutral0.06 oz/1.8 g

Liquid Lipsticks: Kourt & Kylie Collection

The limited-edition makeup collection by Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian offers 3 liquid lipsticks. The formula of the lipsticks is extremely pigmented and lasting. It feels velvety smooth on lips and gives descent color even when applied in one layer.

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Liquid Lipsticks by Kourt & Kylie

Rad dark orange red velvet warm 0.11 oz/3.00 g
Minnie dark peachy velvet warm 0.11 oz/3.00 g
French kissnude beigevelvet warm 0.11 oz/3.00 g

Kourt X Kylie:  Photos & Swatches

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