The Latest Makeup Trends for this Spring (2018)

woman with golden metallic makeup

Based on the runway makeups, the spring of 2018 is going to be very bright and shiny. We hope you are not too tired of the glitters yet, because that is the next trend for this spring. So, what else is going to be trendy? We were precisely watching the latest runway tendencies, as well as Instagram of the fashion makeup artists, and we’ve come up with the top-5 tips we are going to share this with you now.


This spring glitter is again fashionable. Yet, it is going to be quite big, so get ready to use glitter and gems, as well as other sparkly stuff. Though, wearing sparks requires glitter glue to hold it on the face. Sure thing, this is not something you want to wear on daily basis, yet it is a good idea to wear those sparkles to look trendy for special events. If you want good ideas on what glitter to pick, you may consider our Top-5 Glitters that grabbed our attention.

glitter sparkling makeup in blue colors with cut crease

Gold Highlighter

Remember that gold highlighter invented by Rihanna? Well, then get ready to see it everywhere. And if you like it, it is a good idea to grab one for your makeup bag. Because that’s the trend we have definitely noticed on the runways. You can also apply it on your eye lids, over your lipstick and … everywhere you want. This way you will definitely look trendy and grab attention.

Rihanna wearing gold highlighter

Add That Glow!

Even though it is not a must to use golden highlighter, this is definitely something you will notice around. So you may want to pick the other sort of highlighter to apply above the cheek bones, above the lip and a bit on the nose. This will create that fashionable glowing look.

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girl wearing metallic multi-color highlighter

Black Eye Liner and Bold Lashes

This is a must-have for this spring, as without it you will barely draw those thick graphic shapes at dramatic angle. So you can start experimenting with the thick cut-crease and see the right way of tracing the line right under the eye. Plus, you want to apply a couple of layers of mascara to create that bold lash look. Based on Christian Dior show we can definitely say, that this is a comeback of those retro clumpy lashes. If you want to go further, add fake lashes for even more dramatic look.

eye makeup with cut crease and metallic eye shadow

Metallic Lip Color

While all shades of matte used to be trendy before, now it is time to switch to metallic and grab a couple of glossy lipsticks for your beauty case. Or you can just use your favorite glitter over clear lip gloss. Regardless of the color you choose, you will look trendy this spring.

metallic lipstick

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