Too Faced Natural Face Palette: Review & Swatches

too faced natural face palette open with packaging

This spring Too Faced has released their all-new limited edition face palette. It Just Comes Naturally is a 6-pan palette for face contouring, blushing and highlighting. The palette is full-size and in total contains 11 oz of products in total. It features 2 blush shades, 2 highlighters and 2 bronzing veil shadows. Overall, the palette is well-pigmented, yet some products feel somewhat opaque when it comes to application. The shades are easy to apply and blend, they provide non-patchy coverage and in average last 7-8 hours on skin.

Too Faced Natural Face Palette: Contents

This palette by Too Faced features a nice and classy plastic packaging, inside there is a mirror. The products include:

  • 2 blush shades;
  • 2 highlighter shades;
  • 2 bronzers.

The palette was developed for that fair to medium skin color. The texture of these powder products by Too Faced is smooth and feels soft both on skin and in the pan. They do not feel dusty or chalky in the pan, which is very important for powder blush. Highlighters give that natural glow and blend well, which allows gain that even transition both on bare skin and over the foundation.

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Too Faced Natural Face Palette: Swatches

Natural Face Palette Blush: Review

Too Faced Natural Face Palette features 2 blush shades:

  • Pink Wink
  • Pink Sand

Pink Wink by Too Faced is bright pink blush with slightly noticeable golden sheer particles. When applied in single layer, this blush features semi-opaque pigmentation. The blush is quite bright and you will need to put some effort to make it look natural on skin. Due to rich pigmentation, this blush is somewhat difficult to blend on skin, and we recommend going with a lighter hand when applying it.

Pink Sand blush looks natural on face. This is a muted rosy-beige blush with warm undertone and matte finish. This product is well-pigmented and it is enough to apply it with one single layer to create that look. The texture is soft and non-powdery, without being too powdery in the pan. The Pink Sand blush by Too Faced blends well and wears well between 7 and 8 hours over foundation before showing signs of wear.

Natural Face Palette Highlighters: Review

Too Faced Natural Face Palette has got 2 highlighter shades:

  • Starlight Natural
  • Satin Sheets
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The Starlight Natural highlighter by Too Faced is the right highlighter if you are into that natural look. It is the product to complement natural makeup with that healthy skin glow if you are tanned. The Starlight Natural highlighter is beige peachy highlighting product with somewhat yellowish gold sheen. When you look closer into it, you will notice tiny golden particles in its texture. Consistency of this highlighter is moderately dense, yet smooth. It blends well with the other contouring products and foundation when applied on cheek bones and wears well for 8 hours.

Satin Sheets is another highlighter from the limited Natural Face palette. The color itself is moderately pinky with somewhat cool undertones. However, the finish is very strong gold sheen with metallic particles. The texture is smooth and somewhat cream-like, and the product itself is extremely pigmented. It is easy to work with and blend out both on bare skin and over the foundation. The product applies right without empathizing natural skin texture. It resembles the eye shadow with the same name. The Satin Sheets wears well around 8 hours before fading out.

Natural Face Palette Bronzers: Review

Too Faced Natural Face Palette has got 2 bronzing veil shades:

  • Sunny Honey
  • Tropic Like it’s Hot

The Sunny Honey bronzer by Too Faced seems to be developed specifically for tanned skin. It is a brown powder contouring product with warm orange undertone and matte finish. Though, when you look closer into it, you will notice that it is not just matte, but it has got that barely noticeable satin sheen for glowing effect. This sheen becomes more noticeable when you blend the product. The consistency is semi-opaque, and you will need to do 2 layers for that vivid effect. The Sunny Honey bronzer wears for 8 hours before starts fading out.

Tropic Like it’s Hot is a rosy copper bronzing product that features warm undertone and vivid metallic sheen. The pigmentation is opaque, and the texture in the pan seems somewhat stiff. However, when you start working with the product, you see that in fact the texture is creamy. Due to significant amount of bronzer in the formula, the Tropic Like it’s Hot bronzer looks more like a bronzing highlighter. The product applies easy and blends well over the foundation and on bare skin, however we noticed it emphasized complexion texture.

Natural Face Palette: Shades Overview

Here is a chart with quick description of every product. Here is the information about colors, textures, finishes and more.
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NameProduct TypeColorFinish

Natural Face Palette Blush

Pink Winkblushbright pinkslightly gold sheer
Pink Sandblushmuted rosy-beigematte

Natural Face Palette Highlighters

Starlight Naturalhighlighterbeige peachygold sheen
Satin Sheetshighlightermoderately pinkmetallic gold sheen

Natural Face Palette Bronzers

Tropic Like it’s Hotbronzercoppermetallic sheen
Sunny Honeybronzerbrown orangematte with satin

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Natural Face Highlight, Blush, and Bronzing Veil Face Palette
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Hanna Sawyers
Location (Sity, State): NH

I like the way these bronzers blend. They appear non-patchy even when used without foundation. The only minus is that somewhat powdery texture of pink blush. I don't like this shade, the rest is so cool!

 by Kelly
Location (Sity, State): Sacramento, CA

Great palette for summer. I like the way it looks on my tan skin, especially that glow.